Bishop Harford Anayo Iloputaife

Founder and Father, Faith Revival Ministries World Outreach.


Bishop Harford Anayo Iloputaife was a man raised within the structures of Orthodox Christianity. Early in life, he recognised a heart yearning for a deeper and personal relationship with God. In 1979 he experienced a supernatural encounter with Jesus and got saved and subsequently answered God’s call into the ministry. He trained under the “YOUTH WITH A MISSION” (YWAM) program in KONA, HAWAII. And thereafter, he began a ministry in Canada, North America.

In 1983, in response to God’s instruction, he discontinued the ministry in Canada and returned to his home country, Nigeria, with a heavy burden for Africa. In 1983, he married the former Miss Nkechinyelu Frances and together they began the ministry and preached the gospel in streets, buses, ferries and in market places.

From these days of little beginnings, Bishop Harford Iloputaife took the Lagos metropolis and its environs by storm through his charismatic expository Bible teachings and demonstrations of the Holy Spirit. He ministered in colleges and universities, crusades and seminars because of his passion for grass root evangelism. His weekly television programme called Victory Television Broadcast had a large viewing.

He was a man of many parts: A Preacher, Teacher, Pastor, Administrator, Husband and Father to many, a man with a multi-faceted ministry. He made a great impact in His generation. A man of integrity, whose sense and value for people never changed from the time of his little beginning to the stage of stardom in ministry.

Bishop Harford was a man of character, both in his public and private life. He was humorous and down to earth and maintained a consistent focus on his philosophy, “CHURCH IS ABOUT PEOPLE”.

Bishop Harford Iloputaife’s Ministry took him to various nations of the world. In 1994, in recognition of his contribution to the upliftment of people across the nations, the city of Cincinnati, Ohio in USA proclaimed the 24th day of June 1994, “Bishop Harford Anayo Iloputaife day”.

The affable and charismatic servant of God, a gentleman by every meaning of that word, aggressively spoke out against the ills of the society and the inept governance of the time. He firmly believed that the church is the conscience of the nation.

On the 4th of February 1995, at the peak of his ministry, he was assassinated. But the work of God is still thriving under the leadership of his wife and partner Apostle Nkechi F. Anayo-Iloputaife.